Being a Fan of Dave

Getting out of debt and staying out of debt is the same issues as loosing weight and keeping it off. It is hard work and takes life long changes

You are looking at a lifestyle change driven by a change in values. Fully understanding your spending and where and when and why is more important then increasing your income. Increasing your income will in the short term help you get out of debt faster but it won’t prevent you from going right back down the same rat whole when you finished.

If you are following Dave’s and Mary Hunt’s and many many many others in the financial health field you understand that it is not about how much; it is spending in a deliberate planned fashion and saving in a deliberate planned fashion. It is about being in control of your money rather then letting your money control you. It is about spending only a percentage of your income saving a percentage of your income and planning for those events that happen to most like unemployment, divorce, health problems so that you don’t self destruct and end up in the welfare line when life happens as we all know it will.

If your truly following Dave and the rest then you don’t spend a penny until you have your monthly budget and allocated your money to your envelopes and have money to spend. If you have a week to the next pay check and no money then you go hungry for a few days and try to do better next month. But if being a Dave Ramsey fan means having his poster on the wall but your credit cards still in your wallet your probably not ready to truley change.

Step 1: Cut up all credit cards and start using cash and don’t apply or accept any new offers of credit and get off the Junk mail and phone lists by writing to:

Mail Preference Service
Direct Marketing Association
P.O. Box 9008
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Telephone Preference Service
Direct Marketing Association
P.O. Box 9014
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Or go to
And for emails

Only when you have your budget and snowball payment schedule can you truly evaluate your need for more income. If you don’t know how much 60% of your income is or how long it will take to pay off your unsecured debt paying 20% of your income to it then you have a lot of work to do.