I am in such a bad situation

Hello everyone. I am in such a bad situation. A little over a year ago I decided to sell my Townhouse and move into a house my father had been renting. I went from $550 mortage to a $1,000 mortgage. Very stupid on my part. At the time I had a loser of a boyfriend and he was not helping out at all. The first step was to get rid of him and find a roommate. After that was said and done, it seemed like no matter what I did I could not get caught up. In March me and my boyfriend, Russ, moved from the house into a small one bedroom apartment in order to sell the house.

Since then, I have lost my job and he has lost his. I am working part time with my father while I am looking for work. So as it stands we are living on $10.00/hr and dying. My car was repoed about two weeks ago and my father paid off my loan and put a new loan in his name so I could keep the car. My car insurance payment bounced due to NO funds in the account and is going to be canceled on the 16th and the car payment is due on the 15th for $280. I have many other debts that are sooooooo past due and in collections. I am at wits end and do not know who to call to help me out or what to do to get the collections off my back until I can start paying. I also have $12,000 in student loans that I had made arrangements to pay and now can not. Please help.

Just to get back to you, I can assure you that your situation is not uncommon. Hang in there and keep reading as many of the posts on this site. They will help – if you let them.

To become financially stable, pay off debts and work at further financial goals in your life, takes dedication and work. It gets easier as time goes on. I’ve been there. My life was a lot like yours about nine years ago. It took my almost 5 years to get out debt and break free of really poor budgeting and spending habits and mindsets. I learned a lot and wouldn’t trade that for the world.

I’m not so much into all the technicalities of financial planning, because if a person doesn’t change their mindset, emotionally and mentally about money, spending and budgeting… all the technical stuff won’t help.

Let us all know how things are going or if you have any specific questions about how to get out of debt. There are so mnay things you can start doing to change your situation. Don’t dispair.

BTW: Do you have a degree (for the student loans, you have to pay off?) Also, you may consider finding another quick part-time job to supplement the one you already have, while looking for that fulltime better paying job. Your boyfriend (who is sharing living space with you) should do that to. If he can’t or won’t – maybe he is just another lazy deadbeat. I use to attract those kind of deadbeat boyfriends myself – and was in denial about it.