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If you live in an excellent public school district, it sounds foolish to pay for private school. I’m from New York City. Several schools such as Bronx High School of Science, Stuyvesant, and Hunter College are harder to be admitted to than a private school. I was raised with a lower-income ghetto education. I worked hard. Several elite private colleges awarded me scholarships. The difference in class between public and private school grads was shocking. It’s not only a matter of basic knowledge.

The self-confidence and sophistication is hard to replace. If I had children, I would scale down my house, etc. before I messed with their birth right – a good education. Friends of mine have barely squeezed by paying for private tuition. Not very relevant. I suppose I am awed that people will sacrifice for their children.

I know what you’re talking about me. We all do what we can for the kids, but I don’t think that any amount of sacrifice can give them the self-confidence and sophistication that kids from wealthier families have. The school and even the freedom from financial worries are only a small part of it.

People raised on royal jelly are different to the core and they approach life from an entirely different point of view. I grew up in a very upscale community and while we were merely part of the struggling middle class, we felt like we were dirt poor because of what our friends were like. Yes, it’s better to be the stable boy for the royal family than a migrant worker, but you still will never think of yourself as much more than a slave even if you do manage to get into Oxford.