It is safe enough to do that with the MBNA

Well, it is safe enough to do that with the MBNA, as it is not a Card, but a financing program which is no longer usable…really, I could access direct cash, but don’t want to with their 23.5% interest.

Target I can cut up the card, but keep it open and not use it.

The B/L ratio? Sounds like Borrower/Lender…. is that right? That too sounds realistic enough. I could get a home loan easily, but don’t ever want to risk my home, so with the low interests I’d still be paying 3 TIMES as much over 30 years instead of just ridding the debt in about 2-4 years. But who knows? If I want to move to some old folks neighbourhood when I turn 65 (15 years down the road…) I might do that… dunno.

Anyway, thanks for the input, I do like Dave’s way for most things like store cards and such. But I do think some should have an emergency VISA or MC in a bank vault or something for real emergencies.