Re: Debt collectors question

My dad had a CHASE Visa, and got my name on it too so if I needed it if he was in diffs health wise, I could use it.

Mainly he used it on car things, house repairs, clothes and such.

When he passed on in 2001, they (CHASE) sent me a request for the death cert copy and a paper to sign. Remember, I was shell shocked from his death, can’t see well, and had no other family to help me. I signed what I now know to be a paper taking responsibility for the debt. But the card people would not work with me, and wanted about $630 a month. I was getting $780 a month from SSI. I knew nothing about legal things, and was getting calls every day about this. Some were ‘nice’, others were threatening to open his estate and slap me down in court. I even looked into bankruptcy, but that would have left me with no house, little money to reloacet to g-d knows where…

They sold it off to the collectors, who said they would in fact work with me. And they have… but when that first year came and I called to see how it was doing on my payments and such, then she told me about the interest, I got very upset and said “I’m sending you over 1/4 of my living money! What am I to do now?” she said look into it, and about an hour and a half later she called me back and put me on the phone to Mr. Johannes, and he told me they scrapped the interest and put a new lower balance on, instead of what I originally had.

It was my stupidity to sign carp (My way of saying ‘Cr*p…”) without having it looked over, but at the time, I pretty much was numb from every thing around me when he died. It was the 11 of September 2001 when he died, but so did over 3000 people in the twin towers. I pretty much isolated and sadder than he** for my loss, and everything else.

Anyway, it’s done and I guess I made my bed and have to lie in it. No money for legal, so…..

Dad and I had this house and all in a trust. So to get the house and all in my name was easy, and the property taxes are ‘grandfathered’ on the Prop 13. so thankfully, I don’t have to go homeless.