Stopping Credit Card offers from Landing in your mail box

This took less then five minutes to do. I checked my credit report about two weeks ago and these guys are always in my credit. One did it about every three months. If I understand correctly, inquiries are just as bad on your credit. Why check my credit to send me a pre-approved card that they know they will not give me? It is a waste of their time, money, the mailman’s time, the US post offices money, and the trash collections time and money. And we wonder why dumpster bills are so high. J/K

I know someone who gets so annoyed at getting those offers in the mail. What they do is take the envelope the company sent them (with the no postage necessary type) and return it to them with an empty application or sometimes nothing inside! The company has to pay the postage just for them to have to deal with it!

If you want to be a real hind-end, I suppose you could overstuff the envelopes with blank paper to cost them more money! Inquries such as those DO NOT affect your credit
score. If you’ll look at the section on your report (or at least on Equifax), they have an explanation of the different types of inquiries on your report and what they mean.

The kind we all get, like you’re talking about, are, according to Equifax, (and I’m copying word for word from the report) “Inquiries that do not display to companies and do not impact your credit score.

This section includes inquiries which display only to you and are not considered when evaluating your credit worthiness. Examples of this inquiry type include a pre-approved offer of credit, insurance, or periodic account review by an existing creditor.”

The only inquries that impact your credit score are ones that you generate yourself, by applying for loans or credit cards, etc.

Thank heavens!